Benefits of FluidForming

FluidForming Enables Innovation

The benefits of FluidForming include 99.996% accuracy and repeatability, flexibility, 4-in-1 metal forming capabilities, rapid prototyping, the ability to form complex geometries, improved product performance, product and part design optimization, and fast product development. 

FluidForming Americas’ universal sheet metal and tube forming machine — the FormBalancer — offers the metal forming companies an affordable way to optimize part design and performance, bring new products to market, streamline production, and lower costs.  

Hyrdroforming PartsQuality Benefits of FluidForming

  • Six Sigma quality, accuracy, and repeatability.
  • Eliminates bladder friction and tool marks.
  • Accommodates the formation of complex shapes.
  • Forms detailed impressions and microchannels.
  • Accommodates undercuts.
  • Minimizes springback and material thinning.
  • Increases dimensional stability.
  • Encourages creative and innovative design.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for optimal part performance and forming.
  • Enables the use of pre-painted, polished, and patterned materials.

Cost-Saving Benefits of FluidForming

  • Reduces secondary operations or post-production fixturing.
  • Uses a single die from prototyping through production.
  • Reduces the use of consumables.
  • Eliminates bladders and the risk of bladder ruptures.
  • Lowers scrap costs.
  • Minimal material waste. 
  • Nested tooling capabilities.
  • Accommodates die inserts and product branding.
  • Reduces overall energy costs.
  • Shortens product development cycles.
  • Accelerates time-to-market.

Let’s talk about FluidForming

FluidForming: A Better, Faster, Smarter Approach to Metalforming

Flawless Surface Quality

Because of FluidForming’s high forming pressures and bladder-free technology, surface quality is not compromised by the tools or bladders used in legacy metal forming systems. With FluidForming, water comes in contact with just one side of the metal surface, which makes it the only metal forming process that can be used with pre-painted or pre-finished materials. 

Unlimited Design Opportunities

FluidForming enables product designers to innovate freely and create highly integrated designs with metal. FluidForming can easily metalform parts with undercuts, organic shapes, or complex geometrical surfaces. Plus, thanks to FluidForming’s accuracy and repeatability, trademarks, brands, and logos can all be easily incorporated into the design of each part.

Improved Product Performance

Many manufacturers turn to FluidForming to improve performance. Parts that were once cast from heavy metals can now be FluidFormed from lightweight metal alloys. Poorly performing plastics can also be replaced with lightweight and affordable FluidFormed metal components.

Rapid Prototyping

FluidForming’s revolutionary approach to hydroforming enables companies to benefit from vastly reduced lead times and tooling costs. With FluidForming, 3D print tooling can be integrated, making it possible to move from CAD to production in days, rather than months! FluidForming is ideal for product development, prototyping, and low-volume fabrication.

Highly Iterative Process

Thanks to low tooling costs and 3D-printed tool compatibility, FluidForming is a highly iterative process, which allows for improvements to existing designs. FluidForming Americas offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which allows for the evaluation of part design prior to tool build. Engineers also have the opportunity to integrate multiple parts to form organically shaped surfaces and can even iterate within the same tool, producing multiple parts in the same tool set up.

Unsurpassed Accuracy and Repeatability

With a 99.996% first pass yield success rate, FluidForming offers unprecedented metal forming quality, accuracy, and repeatability. Manufacturers can rely on FluidForming to produce the highest-quality metalformed components. FluidForming’s high forming pressures result in minimal — or none whatsoever — warping or springback. And no springback means no post-forming fixturing!

Ready for better, faster, smarter metal forming?