Introducing FluidForming:
Hydroforming Reinvented

A better, faster, smarter approach to metal forming.

FluidForming hydroforming represents the first major innovation in metal forming technology in more than 60 years. When precision and accuracy matter, manufacturers rely on FluidForming.

How is FluidForming different?

  • With industry-leading forming pressures up to 4,000 bar / 60,000 psi, FluidForming is the only metal forming process that can produce complex parts at a 99.996% first pass yield rate.
  • FluidForming’s metal forming machines — FormBalancers — are universal tube forming and metal forming machines.
  • Bladder-free FormBalancer metal forming machines produce blemish-free components.
  • With water as the forming force, post-fixturing costs are minimal and FluidForming is compatible with prefinished, textured, and pre-painted metals and metal alloys.
  • FluidForming requires just one die from prototyping through production; which can cut tooling costs up to 90%.
  • FluidForming Americas offers an iterative and responsive approach to rapid prototyping and manufacturing. FormBalancers can accommodate 3D printed tooling and FluidForming Americas offers finite element analysis. Minimize tool development times and maximize product design with FluidForming.

FluidForming succeeds where legacy metal forming methods fail.

Show us your toughest challenges. We’ll show you a solution.