FluidForming: Custom Marketing & Metal Formed Product Branding

Marketing and sales teams enjoy beautiful, lightweight, and striking product enclosures and display stands made with FluidForming technology. Make sure your product shines at your next convention with a display produced by FluidForming metal forming method. Some of the pieces that we’ve formed for the marketing and sales industry include product enclosures, custom product covers, product stands, and specialized safety enclosures.

The FluidForming technology is also perfect for metal forming embossed, relief, or debossed logos. Our process produces designs that are clean, crisp, highly accurate, and intricately detailed. Because FluidForming is so adaptable, limited run branding or unique markings can often be incorporated into larger production runs by using custom removable inserts.

Benefits of FluidForming for the Marketing Industry

FluidForming’s universal sheet metal and tube forming machine, the FormBalancer, is a force-contained structure that permits extremely high forming pressures of up to 4,000 bar/60,000 psi. With up to 4x the pressure used by traditional hydroforming devices, light and durable marketing displays and product enclosures can be formed with ease.

Not only is the FormBalancer the only machine on the market that can form both sheet and tubular shapes — a useful feature for the marketing and sales industry — but manufacturers also enjoy the highest levels of component quality. The FormBalancer’s bladder-free technology virtually eliminates friction and minimizes material thinning. As a result, components that are formed with FluidForming technology are incredibly smooth, rigid, lightweight, and reliable.

Advantages of FluidForming

Affordable Metal Formed Marketing Displays and Product Stands

Thanks to the high a degree of uniform pressure that’s exerted by the FormBalancer, complex geometries and organic shapes that were once considered impossible (or, at the very least, cost prohibitive) are now feasible. Custom logos can be added for very little additional cost.

FluidForming product displays will transform your sales floor.

Unlike bladder-based systems, our bladder-free technology ensures the highest levels of surface quality and detail possible. Because pressurized water comes in contact with just one side of the metal surface, FluidForming is perfect for pre-finished materials. Trademarks, brands, and logos can all be easily incorporated into the design of each part.

Marketing and sales teams enjoy the increased design flexibility that our fast prototyping capabilities enable. FluidForming technology is ideal for rapid prototyping and low- to medium volume production with the ability to mass produce. Because our system accommodates the seamless transition from CAD to 3D-printed tooling, we’re able to move from design to production in a matter of days. Additionally, many individual parts can be incorporated into a single form, which can significantly reduce waste and overall production times.

Transform Your Next Marketing Presentation