Precision Hydroforming and More

FluidForming Americas offers manufacturers the most precise, repeatable, and accurate sheet metal forming process available. Our four-in-one metal forming machines, FormBalancers, are also capable of tube forming, making it the most flexible metal press on the market. We also offer product development, product optimization, and project management services.

FluidForming Americas takes pride in fulfilling complex metal forming orders using the latest innovation in sheet metal hydroforming, FluidForming. Whether your part requires traditional hydroforming, bladder-free hydroforming, precision deep draw hydroforming, or tube hydroforming, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to get the job done right.

Metal Forming Services

Precision Metal Forming Services

Manufacturers, innovators, and product developers that require precision metal forming, hydroforming or deep drawing hydroforming can benefit from the FluidForming process. It’s the perfect sheet metal forming process for forming complex geometries, special shapes, tight tolerances, and integrated branding. 

It’s the most flexible and adaptable metal forming solution available to manufacturers across all industries. If you think it can’t be done, think again.

The FluidForming Hydroforming Difference

We handmade these parts for years and now we have them manufactured by FFA with Six Sigma quality. Thanks to the flexibility of the FFA process, we were able to increase the tank content volume by 34.5% giving our customers a much-improved life cycle between refills — which is a huge competitive advantage for us.”

Title: Project Manager | Industry: Instrumentation | Product: Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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