Nested Tooling Approach In HydroForming Process

Fluid Forming is an entirely new and enabling process/technology for the design and formation of metal from 0.004” (1 mm) to more than 0.200” (5 mm) in thickness. Employing water (pressures up to 60,000 psi / 4000 bar) as the force to form, this process; enables innovative design, produces (economically) parts which could not previously be formed of metal and is exceptionally cost effective for short run needs and prototyping (less than 50,000 annual). With positive implications for the Engineer/Designer, Marketing/Sales/Branding, we also offer the Operations and Financial professionals within your organization a host of features and benefits unequaled by current legacy technologies.

Almost any industry can benefit from the advantages of the hydroforming process. Again and again companies are faced with the challenge of simultaneously achieving both lower operating costs and innovative solutions for evolutionary advances of their products. Our high-pressure forming technology offers attractive possibilities in terms of price-performance ratio and manufacturing time.

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