FormBalancer: FluidForming’s Precision Metal Forming Machine

FormBalancers: 4-in-1 metal forming machines

The FormBalancer is the most accurate metal forming machine on the market. FluidForming Americas’ precision fluid cell metal forming machines — FormBalancers — are incredibly versatile universal sheet metal and tube forming metal presses. Our plant-ready presses are designed for low- to medium-volume precision metal forming and rapid prototyping.

FormBalancer sheet metal forming and tube forming machines can produce rectangular and circular parts and can accommodate complex shapes with a 99.996% first-pass yield rate. Depending on tooling, FormBalancer metal forming machines can produce up to 10 parts per minute. An easy adaptation transforms the FormBalancer from deep draw sheet metal forming to high-pressure tube forming.

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High-pressure metal forming machines

FormBalancers are patented, force-contained metal forming machines that employ extremely high forming pressures of up to 4,000 bar / 60,000 psi.

That’s up to 4x the forming pressure used by traditional, bladder-based hydroforming machines or existing deep draw presses. Uniform absorption of closing forces ensures highly precise and repeatable part formation.

FormBalancers are compact, computer-controlled, semi-automated, and network-connected. Modular design and multiple machine sizes allow for flexible floor placement. Because of the machine’s lightweight and efficient design, special foundation requirements and reinforcements are unnecessary.

You can own the most versatile metal forming machine on the market.

Benefits of a FormBalancer Metal Forming Machine

  • Deep draw sheet metal forming & tube forming capabilities.
  • Requires just one tool.
  • Compatible with 3D-printed tooling.
  • 50-90% reduction in tooling costs.
  • 99.996% accuracy & repeatability.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Nominal maintenance costs.
  • Minimal post-fixturing costs.
  • Bladder-free.
  • Water is the forming force.
  • Fast ideation-to-production turnaround times.
  • Ideal for low-to-moderate production runs. 
  • Perfect for production-ready rapid prototyping.
  • Adjustable process forces and forming speeds.
  • Compatible with nested tooling.
  • Affordable complex part production.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy operation.

Applications for FluidForming’s FormBalancer Precision Hydroforming Presses

For complex parts with tight tolerances, the aerospace industry relies on FluidForming FormBalancers.

From rapid prototyping to flawless finishes, high-end appliance manufacturers trust the FormBalancer.

Metal forming solutions for automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, industrial applications & more.

FluidForming FormBalancer Specifications

Tool Drive Force25,000 kN
2,500 ton
35,000 kN
3,500 ton
42,000 kN
4,200 ton
80,000 kN
8,000 ton
Table Size800 mm x 800 mm
32” x 32”
1,000 mm x 1,200 mm
39” x 47”
1,200 mm x 1,200 mm
47” x 47”
1,300 mm x 2,000 mm
51” x 79”
Forming Depth~300 mm
~450 mm
~550 mm
~650 mm
Forming PressureMax 4,000 bar
Max 60,000 psi
Max 4,000 bar
Max 60,000 psi
Max 4,000 bar
Max 60,000 psi
Max 3,000 bar
Max 45,000 psi

FluidForming FormBalancer Installation Requirements

Width2.7 m / 8.9’3.4 m / 11.2’3.7 m / 12.1’5 m / 16.4’
Height4 m / 13.1’4.2 m / 13.8’4.5 m / 14.8‘6 m / 20‘
Depth4 m / 13.1’6.1 m / 20’6.1 m / 20’8.5 m / 28’
Installation Area50 m2 / 540 ft255 m2 / 595 ft260 m2 / 650 ft280 m2 / 860 ft2
Electrical Power (Installed)480V / 60Hz
480V / 60Hz
480V / 60Hz
480V / 60Hz